Thursday, October 23, 2008

Seeing The Street

I have not taken any good photograph lately. By good photographs I do mean a picture that I personally like. I went out last weekend just like any other weekends to take a walk with my camera. I took a bunch of shots, went home and were really disappointed with what I had (I don’t normally chimp). The street is not particularly an easy place to make a good photo. At time you need to get lucky and sometimes it is about persistence. Keep going to the same place and keep on shooting to capture the moment that you have drawn in your mind.


I am not a photographer, not by any stretch of the imagination. A friend of mine called me a fool once. That is what I am, a fool with a camera; hoping to get something out of being in the process of seeing things and being part of the moment.
I am a coward. I always hesitate to put the camera up on my face to shoot in the public. I am afraid of their reaction. What if someone caught me? Will the person just move on or will I get myself in trouble?
I am lost…
To date, I am still lost but I am not giving up. I have the rest of my life to get better at this and I will.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Terus begini…tiada yang lain
muzik tak serupa jiwa nak berkata
aku terlalu degil untuk lupa
tika kamu terus begitu
terus begini…tiada yang lain

Terus begini…tiada yang lain
bahasa aku tak serupa rasa
aku terlalu bodoh untuk bersuara
tika masa terus begitu
terus begini…tiada yang lain

Terus begini…tiada yang lain
riak aku tak serupa jiwa
aku terlalu kosong untuk berdua
tika mahu terus begitu
terus begini…tiada yang lain

Tika muzik, bahasa dan riak aku,
tika kata, rasa dan jiwa aku
terus begini,terus begitu dan tiada yang lain

Of birds and love...

Converted this from color...I like it this way. In color this shot is what I would consider romantic and pleasing( I have a below average rating system :P) but in black and white, It represents tragedy, unrequite love and betrayal..Shot taken a long time ago. It is still one of my favorite.
There is something about human being. We love to see, listen and read about other people's tragedy. That is why war images are so well-regarded. It is our appetite for the suffering of others. I am guilty of such vice and I can’t understand why.


Portrait rakan kolej ku.


Biar aku perkenal diri...

Aku Bukan Dongeng

Aku bukan dongeng
aku senyum jahat
pakai aku, jijik
cakap aku, kianat

Aku bukan dongeng
laku aku, curiga
makan aku, kotor
jalan aku, songsang

Aku bukan dongeng
aku bukan malaikat